Learn more about the Reyes Agencies of American Income Life North Carolina and how we impact working families every day.
The Reyes Agencies provides insurance benefits to working families that need them. All through North Carolina we are protecting families when they need it most.

Reyes Agencies handles supplemental benefits to individuals and organizations globally. We are part of the American Income Life family; the only 100% union label supplemental benefits company in the world. Our client base includes over 30,000 unions and groups internationally providing both supplemental and permanent benefits to hard-working families. Our motto is “We protect and serve those who protect and serve us”. With a tremendous variety of plans and programs to choose from, our representatives assess a family’s specific needs and fill any gaps in their existing coverages. Whether it be permanent programs for final expenses,

term plans to protect a bread winner’s income, or ensuring a mortgage and college education are guaranteed to be paid off in the case of an untimely passing, Reyes Agencies is dedicated to helping working families obtain the peace of mind they deserve. Reyes Agencies is also committed to giving back to our community. We believe if you take out of a community it is only right to put back into it! Our representatives donate food and other necessities to needy families, assist with building schools and sources of clean water overseas, and provide important support to credit unions, labor unions, and marketplaces nationwide.

Antonio Reyes

State General Agent

Antonio Reyes joined American Income Life Insurance Company in 2012. Prior to working at AIL Antonio had many business ventures and had worked his way up the corporate latter. He enjoyed a six-figure salary position; but like many people working a “9-5” he felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the growth and income limitations. A long-time friend, and prior business partner who worked at AIL, suggested he take a look at the career opportunity that the company offered. Antonio was then introduced to Simon Arias, mogul and icon in the company, where he joined his agency and started his career at American Income.
Antonio hit the ground running, eager to start helping others protect themselves and their families. He moved his way up through the management career tracks and became the fastest promoted General Manager in the company.
As he grew with the company, so did his desire to mentor others. He began to realize the business becomes less about what you can do for yourself, and more about what you can teach and coach others to do. “Teaching people how to run a successful business and watching them grow mentally, spiritually, and professionally, is by far the most rewarding part of this career,” says Antonio.
Becoming a state director with the company is one of the most prestigious positions that you can hold. With a high level of responsibility and commitment, comes high reward for those he mentors and coaches. Antonio is committed to the success of new and prospective Agents and leads his agency with passion, enthusiasm, and love.
He tells people considering joining AIL, “The two factors that make someone successful at AIL are relentless work ethic, and always having a positive mindset. If you have those two things, the possibilities here are endless”.


American Income Life is an international company protecting working families in the United States, Canada, New Zealand. American Income Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of Torchmark Corporation (NYSE: TMK), an S&P 500 Company that markets life and supplemental health insurance for middle-income families through its affiliate companies. We have served working class families since 1951 with life, accident, and supplemental health products to help protect members of labor unions, credit unions, associations and their families.

American Income Life was founded with $25,000 of borrowed capital and has grown into a leading provider of supplemental life insurance to working class families.

From its inception, Bernard Rapoport founded American Income Life Insurance Company built on the bedrock of supporting Labor. Like you, we deal with bread-and-butter issues. American Income Life has a long history and rich tradition of partnering with the labor community: through national and local leaders, advocating for key issues and campaigns, and investing in a public policy agenda that reflects the core values of importance to all working people.


We are a part of Torchmark (NYSE: TMK) a financial services holding company specializing in life and supplemental health insurance for middle-income Americans.


World famous finance expert and investor Warren Buffet is the primary share holder in our company. Which is a good reason on how we have been able to grow so much every year.


Founded in 1951, American Income Life is licensed in 49 states, Canada, and New Zealand. AIL was acquired by the Torchmark Corporation in 1994.


As other companies downsize, American Income Life and the Reyes Agencies continues to experience growth. AIL’s efforts are focused on creating more union jobs.