Great customer service and agent training takes a team of well developed leaders. Meet our internationally recognized leadership team.

Executive Team

With the best leadership team in North Carolina, prepare to be coached and mentored to greatness… whether it’s ensuring our members reach the highest level of service, or coaching new representatives on how to achieve success on our business systems, our executive team knows how to get the job done.

Antonio Reyes

State General Agent

Antonio Reyes joined American Income Life Insurance Company in 2012. Prior to working at AIL Antonio had many business ventures and had worked his way up the corporate ladder. He enjoyed a six-figure salary position; but like many people working a “9-5” he felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the growth and income limitations. A long-time friend, and prior business partner who worked at AIL, suggested he take a look at the career opportunity that the company offered. Antonio was then introduced to Simon Arias, mogul and icon in the company, where he joined his agency and started his career at American Income.
Antonio hit the ground running, eager to start helping others protect themselves and their families. He moved his way up through the management career tracks and became the fastest promoted General Manager in the company.
As he grew with the company, so did his desire to mentor others. He began to realize the business becomes less about what you can do for yourself, and more about what you can teach and coach others to do. “Teaching people how to run a successful business and watching them grow mentally, spiritually, and professionally, is by far the most rewarding part of this career,” says Antonio.
Becoming a state director with the company is one of the most prestigious positions that you can hold. With a high level of responsibility and commitment, comes high reward for those he mentors and coaches. Antonio is committed to the success of new and prospective Agents and leads his agency with passion, enthusiasm, and love.
He tells people considering joining AIL, “The two factors that make someone successful at AIL are relentless work ethic, and always having a positive mindset. If you have those two things, the possibilities here are endless”.

Alex Berberich

Managing General Agent

Alexandra has been with American Income Life since March of 2015 where she started in the Baltimore, MD office under the leadership of Simon Arias. Prior to working at AIL, she attended college while waiting tables and bartending. Like most recent graduates, she was searching for employment and had been on tons of interviews trying to get into a “career” related to her newly obtained degree.

The reason AIL appealed to her was because it was somewhere she could use her relatable, upbeat, fun-loving personality to be able to help people. She feels that American Income Life allows you, as a sales person, to have an impact on your clients and truly change their lives. More than that, the opportunity for growth and leadership was something that she always felt like would be for her one day. She was excited by the fact that in this industry, the more you help people, whether it be clients or teammates, the more you help yourself.

She is now a Master General Agent where she leads a team under the leadership of Antonio Reyes in the Charlotte, NC office. Today, she feels that the opportunity at AIL is better than it has ever been and is excited to grow further within the organization.

David Chen

Vice President of Quality

David Chen has been with American Income Life since 2013. Starting off in the Columbia, Maryland office under state director Simon Arias, David went on to qualify for President’s Club that year and joined the management team under Antonio Reyes. He is currently a General Agent under the newly-formed Reyes Agencies in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Spencer Simmons

Managing General Agent

Spencer has been with American Income Life since September of 2015. He moved down from Ohio to North Carolina back in June of 2017 to join the Reyes Agencies. After graduating College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he went back to doing Landscaping. After doing that for a few months, he realized that he wasn’t happy where he was and needed something more fulfilling and that made a difference in the community. After coming to American Income Life, he realized that he had found what he was looking for.

This career path offers the ability to not only help the members of the community protect their families, it also allows those looking for leadership to mentor and pour into others, changing their lives in the process.