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The Reyes Agencies provides insurance benefits to working families of all kinds in the state of North Carolina. We have a passion for protecting our community with the benefits they need. If you are looking premium insurance products or a career where you can help people while achieving prosperity, contact or apply today.

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Union Benefits

Your needs are our priority. We offer insurance products and no-cost benefits to individuals and organizations across the globe. As a part of the American Income Life family, we are the only 100% union label insurance company in the world! We work exclusively with 30,000 union groups to provide life insurance and supplemental benefits to hard-working families like yours. With a variety of plans and programs to choose from, our representatives will help you find the one that best meets the needs of you and your family. Whether you’re looking for whole or term life insurance, accident protection, or supplemental health insurance, we can provide two of the most valuable things your family needs for the future— protection and peace of mind. More importantly we are committed to serving in our communities. We believe it is important to give back to the community and less fortunate around the world! Through our monthly philanthropy projects and community service efforts, our entire organization, donate time and money to local not-for-profit organizations. If you would like to utilize the benefits we provide to our labor unions, credit unions, and marketplaces nationwide, please contact our office today to learn more about how we can best serve you.

Find out why so many unions and work groups trust the Reyes Agencies of American Income Life with not only their benefits but with theirs and their families lives.

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Michael Vasu
SGA, Texas

Antonio Reyes delivers the rare combination of courage and compassion, whether hes engaged in the grueling world of business or in the loving care of his family he gives 100% to everything that he does. As a leader with American Income Life, he has taken his teams to places they have never been. In the exploration of uncharted territory is what drives him to be the leader and the man that he is. I can’t wait to watch the continued progression of what Antonio has already begun to do in the state of North Carolina and beyond.

Albert Serur
SGA, Boston

Working with Antonio is what I attribute some of my highest victories in the company. His guidance helped me learn exactly what I needed to do with my situation to turn it into the most profitable I have ever been. I look forward to consulting with him financially and personally for many more years to come.

Simon Arias
SGA, Pennsylvania
Antonio is a great leader and overall person. Hard working, cares about his people, and can light up a room. Antonio has ambition to grow and grows others constantly without getting complacent. I have no doubt he will have success now and in the future for not only in agency but with all aspects of life.

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